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          Central Florida Cruise Club
          P.O. Box 621356
          Oviedo, Fl. 32762-1356

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      In consideration of the opportunities given to me and all persons on my vessel by the Central Florida Cruise Club, Inc., its Officers and Board of Directors, I do hereby release the Central Florida Cruise Club, Inc, its Officers and Board of Directors, from all actions and causes of action, suits, claims and demands for damages that occur to me by virtue of my participation in any Central Florida Cruise Club event, to any occupant of my vessel, or to my vessel, motor, trailer, or any other equipment owned by me which I have or which any of the above named persons or their successors, heirs or assigns hereafter may have against the Central Florida Cruise Club, Inc., its Officers and Board of Directors, from the signature date below until I am no longer a member of the Central Florida Cruise Club, Inc.

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